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Created by two young female entrepreneurs Jhoan Molin (JO) and Chloe Man (CO), who recently moved to Toronto.



A friendship formed over the love of good food inspired them to move their efforts over to the creation of The JOCO Foods Company, a Toronto-based food retail company specializing in the creation and distribution of unique sauces and spreads.

Originating from Southeast Asia, this carefully crafted blend of roasted ingredients has been served for years, intensifying flavour with added heat as a staple condiment using that red chili as its base.

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With every family holding their own variation, Jaew (แจ่ว) has yet to penetrate the western market. ​Catering to the modern palate, we then took a versatile approach to recreate a sweet, spicy, and highly addictive Jaew Chili




We are committed to sourcing only the freshest ingredients from local suppliers to provide a quality product containing zero preservatives and addivitives.


Benefiting the health-conscious customers, Jaew Chili Spread is certified Gluten Free, Low in Fat, Low in Calories, Low Sodium with a High source of Vitamin C.

The JOCO Foods Company believes in giving back to the communities that need it most. Being two female entrepreneurs of minorities, we have chosen to partner with the Riverdale Immigrant Women's Centre (RIWC).

A non-profit community-based organization committed to the empowerment of women actively facilitating policy and social change. A portion of each bottle sold will be donated to RIWC to support their cause.



Fish Taco

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