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Inspired by Southeast Asia, Jaew Chili Spread is a well-crafted blend of freshly roasted local ingredients. This mouthwatering combination of sweetness, tang and spice will tantalize your taste buds while complimenting any of your favourite dishes. But be forewarned, Jaew Chili Spread is highly addictive and will have you craving for more.



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We are committed to sourcing only the freshest ingredients from local suppliers to provide a quality product containing zero preservatives and additives. Benefiting the health conscious customer, Jaew Chili Spread is certified Gluten Free, Low in Fat, Low in Calories, Low in Sodium with a High Source of

Vitamin C.


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Scoop or spread it to enhance just about anything. Our fan favourites include Scrambled Eggs, Avocado + Toast, Wraps + Sandwiches, Grilled Meats, Fish Tacos, Fried Chicken, Pastas, Pizzas, Rice Dishes, Marinades + Dips that need a kick. The options are endless - you tell us! Tag us on Instagram.


The sweetness from the tomato balances it nicely. I like to eat clean and healthy at home so i used this as a dip for my cucumber or any boring plain food.

Linnie Truong  |  @thefoodiebloggurl

Delicious, fresh and aesthetically pleasing!

Grace + Paniz  |  @ohyoutwo

It is so good!! I paired it with our fresh baked bread, so refreshing. Finished half my jar in one sitting.


Joseph Bansil  |  Head Chef at @thewilcox

The perfect balance between sweet and spicy. The aromas of the other ingredients in the spread make it so flavourful and easy to use for practically anything and everything!

Vanessa Nguyen  |