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The Chili Diet - The Health Benefits of Eating Chili That No One Tells You About

Whether you are a chili pepper fanatic, or you avoid them like COVID-19, one thing is for certain: they definitely pack a LOT of punch, whether it’s in flavour, sensation, or nutrients. There are also numerous varieties of chili peppers to incorporate in your meals, be it the classic Jalapeno Pepper, the mighty Habanero Pepper, the historically significant peri-peri chili (a.k.a. Bird’s Eye Chili or Red Chili Peppers), or the infamous Ghost Pepper. Whichever you choose, you are most likely incorporating an ingredient that is overall good for your health and well-being. With that said, let’s focus on the Bird’s Eye Chili pepper (for which the JAEW Chili Spread line is based on), and every benefit you gain from consuming them!

“If It Fits Your Macros”

One of the ways that Red Chili Peppers can help with short-term and long-term health concerns is of its nutritional value.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, 1 tablespoon’s worth of Red Chili peppers contain approximately: 6 calories of energy, 0.3 g of protein, 1.3 g of carbohydrates, 0.1 g of fat, 0.8 g of sugar, and 0.2 g of fiber.

This makes them very manageable to “fit in your macros”, or daily macronutrient requirement, especially considering how many people in the world haven’t developed enough of a spice tolerance to even use a tablespoon! In terms of micronutrients, the “Bird’s Eye” contains many vitamins & minerals, even though overall intake for most is usually negligible. The important nutrients include: Vitamin A for protection from free radicals and improving vision, Vitamin C for improved immune response and regeneration from damage to the body, Vitamin B6 to metabolize food intake, copper to strengthen skeletal and nervous responses, and Potassium to function as an electrolyte to maintain your body’s physiological balance. So while it’s not recommended to eat enough chili peppers to consume daily requirements of aforementioned micronutrients, it’s still a beneficial ingredient to accessorize your meals!

Capsaicin: The Chili Sensation

On top of the vitamins offered in Red Chili Peppers, there are other compounds that provide their numerous properties, as well as extra health benefits. The most prevalent compound in these peppers is capsaicin, which is also responsible for the pungent flavour profile. One such benefit is temporary increased pain relief, due to it being able to desensitize pain receptors in your body. This was proven to be useful in certain cases like people who have acid reflux, which temporarily lessen the feeling from heartburn. There is also a case to make for capsaicin aiding in weight loss and increasing metabolism. Although results from numerous studies have been mixed on average, the use of chili peppers to promote fat loss and increase metabolism could also be attributed to them being used in healthier cuisines and dishes overall… which I could honestly believe (don’t believe me? How many unhealthy mainstream dishes do you know incorporate red chilies?). Last but not least, one study shows that capsaicin can actually relieve gut inflammation and promote a healthier overall gut. It works by supposedly binding to the exact same receptor in the gut that THC in marijuana would bind to, to produce its effects on the body. Talk about a happy coincidence!

Spice is the… Variety of Life??

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of the benefits of Red Chili Peppers, you may ask: what can I use them for? My answer to you is… anything your heart desires, honestly! If you want tried and true recipes and classic dishes, a quick search engine glance will do the trick. You can even say that Thai Red Chilies being versatile is another benefit in and of itself, as you see it in some African cuisines (hence the name “Bird’s Eye Chili”), Portuguese cuisine (with their derivative Peri-Peri chili pepper), and especially Southeast Asian cuisines, like in Thailand (with Jaew chili spread) and Vietnam. Use of chilis in general extends far past these regions, such as in Mexico, where salsas have broken through into the mainstream.

With all that said, if you would like to incorporate red chilis in your diet, and also possess a versatile condiment, look no further than the JOCO Foods JAEW Chili Spread line. I’ve personally used the classic-flavoured spread for foods such as sandwiches, burgers, soups, BBQs, Vietnamese food, EVEN HOMEMADE MEXICAN FOOD (but that controversy is for another blog article), and they were all elevated to another level! If you want to live a life of simplicity AND excitement simultaneously, you can order a jar (or three) now, while also using my discount code “KENIHAVE10OFF” for awesome savings!

There’s no better time to live dangerously with your food than now, so what are you waiting for?

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