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The Girl Behind the Stories - Najma Hashi

Hello everyone! My name is Najma and I am the Communications Coordinator for The JOCO Foods Company. This is my second time working for a new start-up company in Toronto. While it may present some challenges being a new company, Jhoan and Chloe exemplify hard work and dedication with this company, but they are even better humans.

I remember my interview with them back in July 2020, like it was yesterday. It was for a Content Creator/Marketing Intern position and going into it, I knew I did not possess the right amount of experience for the roles, but I wanted to at least try. Although it did not work out in that moment, the girls assured me that they would eventually reach out to me when necessary. Flash forward to December 2020, the girls indeed reached out to me. It was such a great moment because I honestly thought they forgot about me! They said that they never

forgot about me and that they loved me ever since that interview.

At that time, I was really struggling with job searching. I went to multiple job interviews and it just never worked out. As you can imagine, I was slowly starting to lose confidence, but the fact that Jhoan and Chloe reached out and never forgot about me was the best feeling ever. It was truly perfect timing!

I’ve had a passion for writing ever since I was in middle school. It’s definitely one of the greatest art forms. I love expressing my thoughts through writing, whether it be on social media or through my blog, Representation Matters. I created this blog as a way to showcase my abilities as a writer, for people to get to know me, while also addressing the inequalities of the world. Being a black Muslim female, it’s been a challenge finding jobs and “fitting in.” As I got older, I realized that most spaces are not designed for a person like me, but it shouldn’t matter. It’s about having the belief in myself that I do belong in those spaces. That is why I named my blog “Representation Matters” because in the media and throughout society, minorities (POC) are not treated fairly. My blog is intended to shed light on the inequalities of the world and to the people who are striving for meaningful change.

I love working with Jhoan and Chloe because of their passion, their hard work and what they stand for. It spoke to me that they are two female Entrepreneurs of Asian descent and that they are displaying their love and culture to the world. The sky's the limit for this company and I am so happy to be a part of it. Representation matters!

Jhoan and Chloe are now looking to expand their team to scale their operations this year. If you are looking for a Sales position in the CPG industry and want to work for an awesome start up company or know anyone who would be interested, please email with a cover letter and resume. Alternatively, you can apply here.

LinkedIn: Najma Hashi

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