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The Vegan Jaew Diet: Introducing Jaew Vegan Spread

Remember the Jaew Chilli Spread? It’s sweetness, spice and addictive flavour? The JOCO Foods Company has created a rendition to their classic Jaew Chili Spread, but with MORE added nutritional benefits. Introducing their brand new Jaew Vegan Spread: plant-based, organic with non-GMO cane sugar made primarily for the health conscious diet restrictive customer. This new Jaew Vegan Spread has the same taste as the Jaew Chili Spread, but they’ve chosen to use organic produce. Also, cane sugar instead of white to ensure that it is non-GMO. Lastly, they have used a vegetarian fish sauce alternative with a soy base as a plant based diet for vegans.

What is Veganism?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with veganism, it is “a way of living which seeks to exclude -- as far as is possible and practicable -- all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” Essentially, veganism is the practice of having a plant-based diet that excludes animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs, and honey. Veganism also promotes the “development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment.”

There are multiple reasons why people want to adopt a meat-free diet. Some people opt for this because of religious reasons, others turn to this lifestyle for health reasons. Over the past few years, the increasing practice of meat-free diets has raised awareness surrounding the issues of animal agriculture and thereby encouraged people to contemplate their eating habits.

What Do Vegans Eat?

So, what do vegans eat? A variety of dishes that are exciting, yet flavourful! A vegan diet is richly diverse, using all kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, beans, seeds, and many more! All of these foods can be deliciously prepared in multiple combinations, so you’ll never get tired or bored of it. Now, many people believe that although you’re excluding meat from your diet, that you can’t eat what you normally like, but that’s not always the case. From pastries to pizza, all your favorite foods can still be suitable for a vegan diet, but only if they’re made from plant-based ingredients. In most cases, they are! While many people believe being on a vegan diet is just only about the diet, there’s much more to it than that component. To be a vegan means that you are avoiding exploiting animals for any purpose and with compassion. This includes accessories, clothing, makeup and bathroom items. Living a vegan lifestyle was much harder back in the day because of limited resources, but living a vegan lifestyle today has never been easier!

Why Should You Go Vegan?

For those of you who are pondering becoming a vegan, according to The Vegan Society, you should go vegan for four reasons: for the animals, for your health, for the environment and for people.

For the Animals: While preventing the exploitation of animals is not the sole reason for becoming a vegan, it is a key factor for many to go vegan and stay vegan. This is partly because individuals carry emotional attachments for animals and believe that all creatures have a right to life

and freedom.

For your Health: Well-planned vegan diets can go a long way to ensuring a healthy body and mind, according to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A big fact about veganism is that it is “suitable for every age and stage of life.” Also, vegan diets have been linked to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lower rates of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Going vegan is also a great opportunity to expand your horizons and eat things that you wouldn’t normally eat. Not to mention that veganism helps you learn more about cooking and nutrition. You would be getting nutrients from eating plant-based foods like whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables and seeds. These all have beneficial fibres, vitamins and minerals. All this to say that going vegan is great for your overall health!

For the Environment: There are many ways to live a greener life, like cycling to work instead of driving and recycling daily. Another great way to help the environment is to avoid animal products, as this would minimize your carbon footprint (aka going vegan).

For People: Veganism is a sustainable way to look after the environment and the planet, but plant-based living is also a sustainable way of feeding the human family. With the rising global food and water inequities in the world (due to many socio-economic problems), it’s never a bad time to adopt a more sustainable way of living. Excluding animal products from your diet is the simplest way to take a stand against food inefficiencies that affect the poorest of people in the world.

Veganism in Canada

According to Statista, 2.3 million Canadians are vegetarians and 850,000 are vegans. British Columbia is the province with the highest share of vegetarians and vegans. Other vegan statistics include: 36.53% of Canadians are willing to reduce meat consumption, baby boomers are the

generation that are most likely to reduce or cut out meat consumption and

that females that are 55 years of age and older are likely to avoid beef and

other red meat.

Is Organic Food Worth it?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term organic, it is “the

way agricultural products are grown and processed.” There are many

benefits to eating organic food. They contain more nutrients, such as

antioxidants. They contain fewer pesticides, are fresher because it doesn’t

contain preservatives and organic food is GMO-free (genetically modified

organism). The Jaew Vegan Spread is plant-based and organic with non-

GMO cane sugar, helping out individuals who are vegan and health

conscious. One of the main benefits of eating organic produce is their lower

levels of pesticides. Also, despite popular belief, organic farms do use

pesticides, but they only use naturally-derived pesticides, rather than the

synthetic pesticides used on conventional farms. That said, your exposure

to pesticides are not harmful when you eat organic produce.

Jaew Vegan Spread

While there are people who think vegan food is plain, you can use the Jaew Vegan Spread on some of the most popular vegan dishes, as it would elevate them! You can still enjoy all your favourite dishes, just the vegan-friendly way!

Spicy Tempeh Bacon Sweet Potato Hash:

Depending on your breakfast routine, you may want to switch things up and get excited again! Don’t worry, tempeh bacon is a completely plant-based bacon option. It is made by marinating and cooking thinly sliced tempeh strips. Add this with a side of Jaew Vegan Spread and you'll have a delicious vegan dish!

Mushroom Bruschetta:

This is a great brunch selection and with some Jaew Vegan Spread, it gets even more refined!

Butternut Squash Linguine:

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of pasta? This creamy recipe can be made with topped up extra roasted vegetables and with Jaew Vegan Spread, mouths will be watering!

Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes:

To finish off a great meal, you must have some dessert, right? Well, chocolate lavender cupcakes are just for you and can be made gluten-free! Who says you can’t have fun going vegan?

Raw Apple Caramel Cheesecake:

Just reading this makes me want to eat it! Although this particular vegan dessert needs at least half a day (12 hours) cooling time in the fridge, it is definitely worth the effort and time!

Not boring at all, right? Even though having a vegan-based diet can be tough on people who enjoy eating meat, overall it will have long-lasting nutritional benefits for your body and mind. If you loved the Jaew Chili Spread (gotta love thai chili peppers), then you will definitely love the Jaew Vegan Spread! The JOCO Foods Company has added more benefits to this vegan spread and has tailor made it for the health conscious diet restrictive customer. With organic produce, cane sugar instead of white to ensure that it is non-GMO and a vegetarian fish sauce alternative with a soy base as a plant based diet, vegans should LOVE this new spread! If you haven’t tried the Jaew Chili Spread, Jaew Truffle Spread, or the recent Jaew XHOT Spread, you can visit the site and purchase one!

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